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Return Policy:

The Return Policy is made under the supervision of our higher management the policy is made to make friendly environment for both seller and Customer.

Return Time Period:

All of Purchase that made through Furniture Bazar are fallen under 30 Days Money Back Guarantee but you must need to fallen under following Criteria.

Return Criteria:
  • First you must be fallen under Return time period(30 Days)
  • Make sure item must be same as you received
  • No damage to the item or the packing as well
  • Must be in its original packing or in resell able condition
  • No assembly will be attempted
  • No Modification to the item
  • Item must be complete
Term and Conditions:

There are some Term and Condition that must be swap according to scenarios

  • Change of Mind
  • Damage or Defected Item
  • Order Wrong Item by Customer
  • Condition for Full Refund
  • Return and Exchange
Change of Mind:

No issue if you have changed your mind, you just return the item itself to our return address or you just let us know to book the Collection for you we will book the collection for you but you need to pay the collection service charge which totally depend on the area where you live and the product you have but make sure must fallen under the following criteria.


Item must be same as you receivedat the time of delivery.

Item must be covered or packed in original packing.

No hit or damage to the product or packing.

If there is any part is misplaced then we do not accept the return so, make sure item must be complete.

Our professional inspects the product on return if there is any harm to item then return will not be accepted.

No assembly attempted.

Damage or defected item:

If you have received damage or defected item then return will be accepted but some term Condition applied according to the present scenario.

  • Received Damage Item
  • Damage by the Customer

Received Damage Item:

If Customer receive the damage item then Customer has Right to request for the replacement of damage part but customer need to inform us within 3 Days after the delivery made above that claim will not be accepted

Damage by the Customer:

If any of the customer Damage the goods itself then replacement is possible but customer need to beard the price for part.

Received wrong Item:

If you have received the wrong item then you have right to claim replacement product but some terms and Condition applied.

  • Item must be packed in its original packing
  • No harm to packing or item
  • Item must be in resell able condition
  • Must be return the item first
  • Assembly not be attempted
  • Item must be complete, if any of the part is missing then exchange will not be attempted.

Order Wrong item by the Customer:

If any of the customer order wrong item itself and want to return and exchange the product then they must be fallen under Return Criteria.

  • Return for Full Refund
  • Return and Exchange

Return for Full Refund:

  • If Customer want to return the item for full refund, then customer must be fallen under 30 days return periods.
  • Item must be returned first.
  • Item must be packed in the original packing.
  • If any of the Customer need to return the item itself then no charge will apply.
  • If any of the customer book the collection with us then courier charge will apply which depend on the area you live and the item you have.
  • Once the item will receive, fund will be proceeded.
  • Packing not be open or must be in resell able condition.
  • Not even single modification attempted to the item.

Return and Exchange:

  • We allow you to return and exchange the product with other one but you make sure you must fallen under following conditions.
  • Must be fallen under 30 Days Return Policy.
  • Item must same as you received at the time of delivery.
  • No Damage or harm to the packing or item as well.
  • You must need to pay the courier service charge which is totally depend on the area where you live and the product you have.
  • If you want to exchange the product with expensive one then you must need to pay the additional coast.

How to Submit the Return:

If you want to Submit the return then please click Here ([email protected])

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