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Unlike most standard-looking wardrobes, a high gloss wardrobe can be a great way to add a stylish and luxurious cohesive look to your bedrooms.

That is why Furniture Bazar offers a wide range of wardrobes that give a stunning and captivating look. Apart from just looking beautiful and tall-looking free-style standing wardrobes, these are spacious enough and offer multiple purpose advantages. The best part about high gloss wardrobe doors is their stunning feature of reflecting the incoming lights. Due to their glossiness, the light can then scatter around the room to become an outstanding glowing corner. This further enhances the beauty of a room beyond its normal range. Our vibrant-looking wardrobes are available in different colors, outlook designs, and interior layouts at Furniture Bazar. Most importantly, our European-made wardrobes use high-quality and eco-friendly materials. This makes them a safe choice to use for indoor purposes to provide a breathable atmosphere at un-boxing without any off-gassing or hazardous chemicals released. Our products warranty covers most of this aspect, considering the health and safety of our beloved customers. We at Furniture Bazar can offer our customers new and flat-packed black gloss wardrobes, white gloss wardrobes, 3-door glossy wardrobes, 2-door glossy wardrobes, and even wardrobes with a mirror in the center or at one side.

These wardrobes have a sliding rail mechanism for smooth opening and closing functionality. Whether you want to give your existing bedroom a vibrant look or install a fresh and new glossy bedroom look, we are more than happy to help you either way.

Our Collection for a Luxurious Look

Our high gloss wardrobe UK is a blend of convenience and elegance all packed in one. Not only that, they look beautiful and shiny, and they even fulfill the storage capacity of our customers according to their needs. Considering the UKs standard wardrobe placing sizes, our wardrobes are custom-built to fit most places or corners easily. In addition, they are available in different sizes, designs, material qualities, and price ranges.

To further support convenience in our products, we deliver them all flat-packed. As a flat-packed wardrobe, a customer can build it anywhere they choose. Moreover, they can customize the inside layout storage design to suit their needs. So, assemble them quickly to fulfill your formal or casual clothing needs.

Choose between a 2-Door and a 3-Door

Our wide range of furniture bazar special glossy wardrobes comprises 2-door and 3-door outer design layouts. These wardrobes are even flexible enough to be used in any way possible.

In terms of sizes, our 2-door wardrobe starts from as low as 120cm in width and 217 cm in height, whereas the 3-door wardrobe starts from 250 cm in width and 217 cm in height. So, if you are interested in a 2-door wardrobe, we recommend trying out the Infinity White High gloss wardrobe. The Infinity wardrobe is one of our selling glossy wardrobes available in a 2-door sliding door. Its White Gloss wardrobe doors are stunningly beautiful with a lining design that can reflect the light for a beautiful bedroom display. Its glamorous appearance has an appealing look that gives peace to ones mind. The wardrobe is available in 150, 180, and 200 cm in width, 200 cm in height, and 62 cm in depth. The half-mirrored wardrobe has a stuck-free sliding mechanism that glides while opening or closing. Next, we have our Sydney high gloss black and gold wardrobe in a 3-door option. The wardrobe is a hub of attractiveness as the combination of black with gold strips will offer a stunningly glamorous look to your bedroom or any other place. Further, it packs multiple shelves and hanging rails with 253 cm in width and 220 cm in height. Above all, it has fixed drawers at the bottom for an additional storage capacity. It is currently available in the furniture bazar at a very affordable price.

All our wardrobes, including the above-mentioned, will give a glossy and sparkling finish to your bedrooms. They give light reflecting surface to brighten up the surface and living space in the room.


On the other hand, our wardrobes are adaptable, unlike most fitted wardrobes, which are non-movable and require just a single installation at the desired location. Moreover, they are simple to put together wherever you want. So, they can fit any place, whether you need them in your bedroom, main hall, TV lounges, or huge attics.

Moreover, since they are spacious and have multiple shelves and hanging rails, see them in the corridors for keeping coats, shoes, or jackets. Utilize their ample storage space as well, even storing small appliances or other items you might want to conceal there. Customers can utilize these wardrobes in any way conceivable for the best result and storage needs. Internal Layouts of high gloss wardrobes

Internal Layouts of high gloss wardrobes

Our wardrobes are delivered flat-packed, with pre-drilled holes in each space. These holes enable the wardrobes to be assembled by the customers however they want. They can create any design, whether an open interior design or shelves with drawers at the bottom or sides. Moreover, we even supply extra shelves, hanging rails, or other accessories if desired, but at an additional cost.

Construction and Quality Measures

Because of the poor quality of the materials used in their construction, most customers frequently claim that the wardrobes are compromised. This is sometimes suspected when the wardrobes are offered for sale at comparatively low costs. However, none of our items fall within this category.We guarantee that the materials we use to make our European-made wardrobes are exclusive of the highest caliber.

According to UK safety standards measures, all sliding door wardrobes are safe and hazardous. The sliding-door mechanism is of great quality, operates without becoming stuck, and slides over the sliding rails easily when opening and shutting. We may even arrange for our customers to provide the assembly service for an additional variable cost. The wardrobes are available with 1-2 years of warranty coverage that varies from one product to another.In the UK mainland, the assembly service will be offered to our customers at the exact moment of delivery. Additionally, some of our wardrobes have built-in drawer options, as was previously mentioned.

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