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Taking Care and Maintenance of Furniture

If you're looking for premium furniture, go as far as The Furniture Bazar Company. The Furniture Bazar only sells beautiful, high-quality leather-upholstered furniture. Our Beds, Sofas, wardrobes, Sectionals, and Chairs are all covered in high-quality material.

The rich color and feel of high-quality material make a room look elegant. Top material with a variety of marks makes a product unique. Depending on the color, natural flaws can get darker or lighter, creating a dramatic effect that shows off the unique appearance and character of each hide.

We know how to Take Care and maintain your furniture on our finished top-end material that shows off its natural markings instead of hiding them.

How to Maintain Solid Wood Furniture with Furniture Bazar

Most pieces of furniture sold by Furniture Bazar are made by hand from sustainably harvested salvaged woods. Each design keeps the unique qualities of each piece of reclaimed wood. We will keep your furniture in good shape with these care basics:

  • Dust often with a dry, clean cloth toward the wood's grain.
  • We don't use chemicals like furniture polish or cleaners that contain ammonia.
  • We protect surfaces from wet or hot cups or dishes using coasters, placemats, and trivets.
  • We will keep sharp objects away from the surface to keep them from getting scratched.
  • We will keep sharp objects away from the surface to keep them from getting scratched.

Care for Premium Grain Leather

You'll find nothing but the finest, most elegant leather upholstered furniture at Furniture Bazar. Our Leather Beds, Leather Sofas, Leather Sectionals, and Leather Chairs are all covered in high-quality leather.

The rich color and feel of high-quality leather make a room look elegant. We keep the character of this leather by taking care of it with these things:

  • We use a clean, dry cloth to buff it often.
  • We don't use oils or leather cleaners.
  • We don't use ammonia or other harsh cleaners.
  • Stay out of direct, harsh sunlight.
  • Keep sharp objects away from the leather.

Maintenance of Concrete Furniture with Furniture Bazar

The concrete structure featured in this work may exhibit certain natural variations, such as minute open pores and superficial surface cracks. We follow these steps to keep this piece from losing its industrial look:

  • We use a dry, soft cloth to dust often.
  • We don't use furniture polish or cleaners that have ammonia in them.
  • If a concrete piece is meant to be outside, we cover it or bring it inside when the weather is terrible.
  • We wipe up any spills right away with a dry, soft cloth.

Outdoor Furniture Care

Shaped concrete, cast aluminum, wicker, natural teak, and braided wire are just some modern materials that can be used by Furniture Bazar to furnish any room. These unique materials and finishes are easy to mix and match, giving indoor and outdoor spaces a natural, eclectic look.

  • We cover your furniture or put it away inside when it's not being used or when bad weather is coming.
  • We use a proper outdoor cover, which is not included! that lets enough air in and doesn't trap moisture.
  • We don't leave out the furniture in direct sunlight for a long time without covering.

The open cell foam and 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabric at Furniture Bazar and high-performance cushion coverings make them ideal for any climate. Our furniture seat covers don't fade and can be cleaned easily with soap and water.

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