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Privacy Policy:

Everyone has only one question pop up in their minds when ever they are going to made online purchase from any platform. How and where your Personal information will share. This is our responsibility to be transparent about what we do with your personal information.

You do not need to worry about the information you have provided to us its end to end encrypt under some security protocols we get your information in different ways that are describe in below section.

  • Information you provided to us
  • Information that we fetch
Information Provided by yourself:

You provide your information in multiple way some of these are given below.

  • By placing your order
  • By visiting our website
  • By your Correspondence ace with our agent
What type of information we collect:

We Collect your different information via multiple channels or ways.

Information We Collect form your Order:

Whenever you place an order on any E-Commerce store you should must need to provide some basic details like your Full Name, Your Address, Your Contact Details, and as well you put your card number or other depend via which channel you paid to us./p>

By Visiting our website:

Whenever you ae come to visit our online store, we fetch some details like your interest or your preferences your current Location where your brows our site and how long you stay on our site.

There is an option to sign up on the website (Furniture Bazar) to get promotional deals or promo codes to get discounted Furniture or stay tuned with Furniture Bazar. If you sign up our website to keep up to date with us w get your E-Mail Address that you use to sign up and as well our system save your password to provide you the opportunity to sign up automatically in Future.

Correspondence with our Agent:

If you inquired about our product or get an update regarding your order over the phone or E-Mail or via any other channel your correspondence will record or save in our server just for the record.

Information that we collect:

When any one come to visit our site Furniture Bazar we collect some of the information automatically now all you have one question in your mind what type of information we collect and why we collect this information from you all of these quires are Answered below.

What information we Collect from You:

  • Your Visiting Information
  • Some Technical Information

Your Visiting information:

When any one come to visit our online store, we collect some the information from your end like what you search on our side or your preferences, how long you stay on our web page, HTTP protocol element, which device you used loke mac book, sell phone or Laptops etc. Most of the time the data is Collected by accepting cookies or by different analytic software that are used

Some Technical Information:

Maybe we get your IP Address that are assign to your Internet Connection, Device or your browser you use. And as well we get the information regarding your Brower like which browser you use, version of your browser, your login information and the information of your operating system.

Who have your Details:

Now everyone has one question into their mind who have their details the Answered are given below

  • Website Management Team
  • Customer Care Team
  • Courier Company

Website Management Team:

To improve your experiences whenever you get in touch with our team regarding your order then they must have your details to provide you the satisfied services or to guide you regarding your order in better way.

Customer Care Team:

We only share some limited details of your self with our courier company like your Good Name, Delivery Address, your Contact Details and your order information what you have order from us the detail is only share to make the whole process smooth for you from starting to end.

Courier Company:

If anyone get in touch with our customer service team via Call or E-Mail then they will request you share your order Number with them, right after that they will share your order number with our website management team and get your details like what’s your good name, what you have order from us and your delivery estimated time if you insist him to conform your delivery Address then they have rights to get your delivery Address too but only on your request.

Do you know why we Collect your Information?

We are Collecting your Information for multiple purpose some of these are giver below.

  • To provide you the excellent services.
  • To keep notify you regarding our new addition in Furniture Store.
  • To offer you some promotional discounts on our Furniture Products because some time we offer some promotional deals to our old customer just for good will gesture.
  • To keep upgrading our product according to your interest.

Date Protection Protocol:

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR We are allowed to sell customer information with any Parties but this is our responsibility to protect your date by follow some security protocols we have our own team available who make our data secure we use latest technology or tools to protect your data.

You’re all of the details are secured in our server we use several security barriers to protect your details your detail end to end secured in or highly maintained server whenever you need to amend your details you just get in touch with us via our multiple channels provided, we are always be here for you to assist you.

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