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A warm welcome to one of the best online furniture shops in the UK, Furniture Bazar. In the UK, a sliding wardrobe is more popular than a traditional one. That is why we are home to one of the best wardrobes, which are not only elegant and stylish looking but are spacious enough to fulfill most users needs.

Space-Efficient Elegance: Seamlessly Stylish Sliding Wardrobes

The best thing about our sliding door wardrobe range is that they dont stick out too much compared to other traditional wardrobes. They consume less storage space, thus allowing the users to feel more comfortable and welcome to have them in their bedrooms.

Diverse Selection: Two-Door and Three-Door Sliding Mirror Door Wardrobes

Explore our website if you want a three-door or two-door sliding mirror door wardrobe. You can easily find any size range between 90 cm to 255 cm in width and 200 cm to 217 cm in height. Some of these wardrobes will even have the option to put drawers in them. Moreover, you can quickly get up to six different appealing color options.

Enhanced Convenience: Advantageous Flat-Packed Wardrobes

Compared to fitted wardrobes London, our stylish-looking flat-packed wardrobes are more convenient with less storage consumption. Therefore, we are confident that our current wardrobe range can fully satisfy most of our customers needs.

Reliable Functionality: Sturdy Rollover Mechanism for Smooth Sliding Doors

Lastly, we assure you that the sliding wardrobe doors in our wardrobe stand firmly on a strong and sturdy rollover mechanism. As a result, it functions smoothly without getting stuck during use to support maximum convenience. Also, the entire wardrobe collection range is currently available at the best cheap and discounted sale price offer that none else offers.

A Wardrobe Collection that Blends Style and Utility

Our luxurious and stylish-looking wardrobe collection combines convenience and elegance in a balanced way. Apart from looking great, they also meet our customers storage capacity needs. Considering most UK standard storage place sizes, we offer them in different sizes, colors, and shapes.

Most importantly, we offer to deliver them the wardrobes in a flat-packed condition. A flat-packed wardrobe allows them to assemble it in any possible self-customizable internal layout in terms of design. So, assemble it according to your clothing or apparel needs without clarification.

Availability in 2 and 3 Doors Sliding Wardrobes Chicago Wardrobe

Whether you are searching for a small or a medium-sized 2-door wardrobe or a large 3-door wardrobe, luckily, we cover both sizes. Due to its flexibility, we recommend checking out our Chicago Sliding Wardrobe, available individually and as a wardrobe set.

Royal Wardrobe

Next, if you seek a more extensive 3-door wardrobe with the option of inside fitted drawers, we recommend the Royal sliding wardrobe. The Royal wardrobe is the newly added masterpiece in our wardrobe collection. It features an overall stunning look using high-quality and eco-friendly materials.

Premium Materials for Exceptional Wardrobes

The materials include MDF Laminated Matt, MDF Chipboard, and an HD Mirror in the center to support your casual and formal dressing. This makes it one of the safest and most highly recommendable wardrobes with a modern, stylish look due to its vibrant, colorful combinational look.

Above that, if you need a more luxurious MDF laminated High Gloss wardrobe, you can fancy our Sycylia High Gloss 255cm Wardrobe. The wardrobe aims to bring comfort to our customers lives in an elegant way. The smooth and glossy-looking paneled sliding doors and an HD mirror in the middle will bring a predominant look to your bedroom.

Again, the wardrobe has a customizable inside layout to meet our customer needs in different ways. The Sycylia wardrobe is sure to complete the looks of your bedroom most desirably.

The Internal Layouts of our wardrobes

The internal wardrobe layout is equally important as the exterior looks, unlike fitted wardrobes, which are non-flexible in interior design. We deliver all our wardrobes flat-packed, with each bay having pre-drilled holes. These holes allow the wardrobes to be assembled as our customers want in different ways. Be it an open-inside layout or shelves with drawers at the side or bottom, they can do it all. Moreover, we even offer extra shelves, hanging rails, or other accessories if required, but at an additional cost.

Quality Construction

Most customers often complain about the wardrobes being compromised due to the quality of the materials used in their construction. This is often suspected when the wardrobes are sold at comparatively low prices.

However, such is not the case with any of our products. We assure our customers that we use only top-notch high-quality materials in our European-made wardrobes. All sliding door wardrobes meet the safety and hazardous standards according to the UK safety standards measures.

The sliding-doors mechanism is high quality, is stuck-free, and glides smoothly over the sliding rails to maximum convenience while opening and closing.

Assembly Assistance and Additional Features

Moreover, if required, we can even arrange the assembly service for our customers at an additional variable cost.The assembly service will be provided right at the delivery time in the UK mainland. In addition to that, as mentioned previously, some of our wardrobes have built-in drawer options, like the Royal and Sycylia wardrobes, with LED-lights installation options.

Adaptable or Versatile

Like most fitted wardrobes, which are non-movable and need one-time installation at the desired place, our wardrobes, on the other hand, are versatile. You can easily assemble them anywhere you wish. So whether you need them in your bedroom, main hall, TV lounges, or spacious attics, they can fit anywhere.

Moreover, since they are spacious and have different shelves and hanging rails, see them in the hallways for storing coats, shoes, or jackets. Also, take advantage of their vast storage space and even use them to store small home appliances or other items you may wish to hide. All in all, the wardrobes can be used in any possible imaginable way for the best effect and storage consumption purposes.

Apart from wardrobes, our furniture strength includes different kinds of sofa sets, bedroom sets, beds, TV lounge or living room furniture, table and chair sets, and much more. So visit our website thoroughly and enjoy our most luxurious and affordable furniture collection range.

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