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Discover our new collection of beautiful and elegant-looking wardrobe sets. We at Furniture Bazar bring one of the best and most nice looking furniture collections from all over the UK. 

Here, you will find a stunning range of stylish-looking wardrobe sets featuring the 2-door Bobby wardrobes. Our wardrobe set consumes less space but is spacious enough to hold most items or clutters.

A wardrobe set is a versatile and necessary piece of furniture that adds usefulness and aesthetic appeal to any bedroom or dressing room. It is often made up of a massive cabinet with many compartments, drawers, and hanging space, allowing plenty of storage for clothing, accessories, and personal possessions.

Our wardrobe sets design can range from conventional to contemporary, allowing users to select one that complements their entire decor. In addition, they come in various materials, including MDF wood or high gloss laminated wood, ensuring durability and longevity.

One of our wardrobe sets primary benefits is its capacity to maximize storage space. Thanks to its various divisions and compartments, it efficiently organizes many clothing items, such as shirts, pants, dresses, and shoes.

In addition, drawers enable the storage of smaller items such as socks, undergarments, and accessories, keeping them easily accessible and well-organized. Furthermore, a wardrobe set is a statement piece that improves the overall look of a room. It adds character and elegance to the area while providing a useful purpose, whether it has elaborate carvings, sleek lines, or a mirrored door.

As a result, our wardrobe sets are essential pieces of furniture that blend functionality and design. Its many designs, materials, and storage options make it an ideal addition to any bedroom or dressing area, providing an organized and visually appealing solution for garment storage.

Collection of luxurious-looking wardrobes

Our wardrobe set in the UK is a combination of convenience and elegance. Considering the conventional wardrobe placement measurements in the UK, our wardrobes are custom-built to readily fit most spots or corners. They are also available in various sizes, patterns, material quality, and pricing ranges. In addition, we send the wardrobe sets flat-packed to add to the convenience of our products.

As a result, users can construct them wherever they choose. Furthermore, users can tailor the interior arrangement storage design to their requirements. Finally, assemble them quickly to meet your professional or casual attire requirements.

Choose between different sizes and qualities.

Our furniture bazar special shiny wardrobes are only available in a 2-door outer design layout with matching chest drawers. These wardrobes are even adaptable enough to be employed in any fashion.

For example, our 2-door wardrobe Chicago wardrobe set has a width of 90cm and a height of 200cm, while the 2-door high gloss bobby wardrobe set has a width of 71cm and a height of 80cm.

So, we recommend the Chicago White wardrobe set if you are looking for a 2-door wardrobe. The Chicago Grey Wardrobe Set is a beautiful and modern furniture piece that will offer elegance and efficiency to any bedroom or dressing area.

This wardrobe set has a sleek and modern design with a stunning grey finish that complements a wide range of home designs. Typically, the package includes a large wardrobe cabinet with several storage possibilities.

It has hanging space, shelves, and drawers for organizing clothing, accessories, and personal possessions. The hanging area is ideal for dresses, shirts, and coats, while the shelves accommodate folded clothes, shoes, and storage bins. The drawers are great for storing smaller items such as socks, undergarments, and accessories, ensuring that everything has a home.

The Chicago Grey Wardrobe Set provides functional storage and creates a fashionable statement. The smooth grey finish hints at luxury, while the clean lines and simple design create a modern appeal.

Because of the adaptable color, it is easy to coordinate with other furniture and decor, making it a versatile choice for various interior design schemes.This wardrobe set is made of high-quality materials and is meant to last. The durable and long-lasting structure guarantees a dependable storage solution for years.

The Chicago Wardrobe Set is a sophisticated furniture collection that combines function and aesthetics. It is a great, streamlined design, and durable construction, which provides a perfect blend of practicality and aesthetics, improving the overall appeal of the bedroom.

Internal layout designs

Flat-packed and with pre-drilled holes in each location, our wardrobes are delivered to you. Customers can build the wardrobes as they like, thanks to these holes.

They can make any design, such as an open interior design or shelves with drawers on the bottom or sides. Furthermore, if needed, we can provide extra shelves, hanging rails, or other accessories at an additional fee.

Our delivery and assembly services

Furniture Bazar promises you will receive the most recent products at the best possible price. However, we also offer white glove delivery to our customers.

Our delivery service is available across the United Kingdom and in portions of Scotland. In addition, delivery is accessible on the UK mainland and takes approximately 3-5 days. In addition to shipping, we offer assembly services at an additional cost. However, the product and the delivery location determine the assembly cost.

Our quality standards

Most consumers usually remark that the quality of the wardrobes is degraded due to the poor quality of the materials utilized in their construction. People typically assume that when wardrobe sets are sold at low prices.

However, our products are outside this category. We promise that the materials we use to construct our European-made wardrobe sets are of the greatest quality. UK safety rules show that all sliding door closets are safe and dangerous. The sliding-door mechanism is high quality, runs smoothly, and slides easily over the sliding rails when opening and closing.

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